The Danish American Heritage Society publishes twice yearly a journal, The Bridge. The Bridge contains scholarly and popular articles, essays, translations, stories, and book reviews that are relevant to better understanding our Danish heritage. The Bridge first appeared in 1978.

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The Bridge - Cumulative Index

Vol 43, 1, 2020 (embargoed until 2023)

1, Church Ships by Finn Bille

2, Language Shift and Maintenance among Danish Immigrants in the US by Karoline Kühl

3, From the Eider River to the Great Plains: The Danish American Community and the 1920 Slesvig Plebiscites by Ryan Gesme

4, Eighty Years since Ashland: The Untold story of the Transition from the Ashland Folk School to Circle Pines Center, 1928-51 by Christyl Burnett

5, My Life as a Danish American Archive and Library (DAAL) Intern by Chantal Powell

6, A Land of Milk and Butter: How Elites Created the Modern Danish Dairy Industry by Markus Lampe and Paul Sharp, reviewed by J.R. Christianson

Vol 42, No. 1 & 2, 2019 (embargoed until 2022)

1, Translation: Active Decision-Making in Any Language by Mark Mussari

2, An Everyday Story by Thomasine Gyllembourg, translated by Troy Wellington Smith

3, Eve! Eve! Eve serves Her Term as a Child by Kjeld Abell, translated by Kristi Planck Johnson

4, Trying to Disappear: One Translator Among Many Authors by Michael Goldman

5, Voices from the Modern Breakthrough. Danish Writing 1870-1930. Volume 1: Male Voices and Volume 2: Women’s Voices by David Young (editor and translator), reviewed by Poul Houe

6, Danish But Not Lutheran: The Impact of Mormonism on Danish Cultural Identity, 1850-1920 by Julie K. Allen, reviewed by J.R. Christianson

Vol. 41, No. 2, 2018

1, From the Translator’s Desk by Michael Goldman.

2, Hygge & Lykke: Good Old Danish Enclosures or Gates to a Brave New World? by Poul Houe.

3, Danish Creativity and Resilience in the Face of Adversity by Delane Ingalls Vanada.

4, Integration Challenges and Langkær Gymnasium by Nete Schmidt.

5, The Role of Migrant Churches in Danish Integration by Julie K. Allen.

6, To the Edge of the World: Jens Munk and the Danish Search for the Northwest Passage, 1619-20 by Otto Christensen.

7, From Ærø to Iowa: Documenting the Journey of Danish Immigrants to Audubon and Shelby Counties in Iowa by Cynthia Larsen Adams.

8, Isak Dinesen and Hannah Arendt: The Storyteller and the Political Theorist, by Ivan Z. Sørensen

9, The Jutland Heath as a Literary Place of Inheritance: Hans Christian Andersen, St. St. Blicher, and Jeppe Aakjær by Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen.

10, “The important fact is that I always felt Danish”: Preserving Ethnic Memory in Virginia Sorensen’s Mormon Novels by Sarah C. Reed.

11, Grundtvig in America; by Joy Ibsen.

12, Sing Your Ethnicity Aloud! Grundtvigian Danes at the Intersection of Denmark and America by Tina Langholm Larsen.

13, Language Usage in Non-Lutheran Danish Immigrant Religions by Robert Olsen.

14, Preserving Nordic Heritage Churches: A New Project Highlights the Architecture, Decorative Arts, and Ethnic Traditions of Sacred Places in the Upper Midwest by Laurie Kay Sommers.

15, Intervention and Reinvention: Rethinking Airport Amenities by Jens Vange.

16, Danish Folk Life Influence in the Appalachian region by Sune Frederiksen.

Vol. 41, No. 1, 2018

1, Danish Genealogy Research Today: How to Become the Family Detective by Kara McKeever.

2, Johannes Bundgaard Schou's travel Diary, 1912 by Bert Schou.

3, A Voice from the Past: My Grandmother's Letter from the S/S Stavangerfjord by Mary Ann Hansen.

4, A Brief history of the Kroman Family by Inga Borre Kromann.

5, Moster Marie: A Brief Essay About My Aunt, Marie Cockrell by Otto Brask.

6, My Uncle in America; or, How Danes Love and Hate, "Americanness" by Lars Handesten.​

7, Leaving Home to Find my Family: Jorgen Jorgensen's Slægtebog by Jorgen Jorgensen

8, Those Who Stayed Behind: Blacksmith Soren Nielsen's Family History in Denmark by Kai Aage Jensen.

Vol. 40, No. 2, 2017

1, p. 1: Time Spiral by Finn Bille.

2, p. 3: Soil and Salvation: Danes in Montana, 1906-10. Part II: Salvation by Jakob Jakobsen.

3, p. 39: Finding Sanctuary in America: How Danish American Churches Helped Immigrants Navigate Life in Uncharted Waters by Krister Strandskov and Russell Lackey.

4, p. 72: A Biographical Sketch of S. D. Rodholm by Renee Showalter-Hanson.

5, p. 74: Recollections of S. D. Rodholm by Peter D. Thomsen.

6, p. 85: A Little About My Father, Peter D. Thomsen by Kathy Thomsen.

7, p. 89: Isak Dinesen Reading Søren KierkegaardÆ On Christianity, Seduction, Gender, and Repetition by Mads Bunch, reviewed by Troy Wellington Smith.

8, p. 94: Pole Raising and Speech Making: Modalities of Swedish American Summer Celebration by Jennifer Eastman Attebery, reviewed by Christopher Oscarson.

9, p. 97: Black Fox: A Life of Emilie Demant Hatt, Artist and Ethnographer by Barbara Sjoholm, reviewed by Sandra Laursen.

10, p. 101: Women of the Danish Golden Age: Literature, Theater, and the Emancipation of Women​ by Katalin Nun, reviewed by Nate Kramer.

Vol. 40, No. 1, 2017

1, p. 11: Urban Danish Foodways and Ethnic Marketing Strategies in Bien, 1900-1950 by Catrine Kyster Christensen Giery.

2, p. 65: Transformations of National Culture in Bron|Broen and The Bridge by Lynge Stegger Gemzøe.

3, p. 81: Ethnic Preservation or Americanization: A Study of Language and Ethnicity in the Danish Brotherhood in America by Nick Kofod Mogensen.

4, p. 97: Soil and Salvation: Danes in Montana by Jakob Jakobsen.

5, p. 121: A Portrait of Paul Henriksen by Thomas Henriksen.

Vol. 39, No. 2, 2016

1, p. 13: Prohibition among Danish American Lutherans by Nick Kofod Mogensen.

2, p. 25: Social Narrative and Sustainability of a Danish Diaspora Community in the American Midwest by Craig A. Molgaard and Amanda L. Golbeck.

3, p. 35: Saving the American Farmer: The Impact of Danish Agricultural Practices on American Policy Direction by Byron Rom-Jensen.

4, p. 61: Selected Poems by Emil Aarestrup, translated by Jack Brondum and Peer L. Aarestrup.

5, p. 92: Here and Hereafter. The Eternity Connection by Joy Ibsen, reviewed by Dan Mikel.

6, p. 94: Eat Smart in Denmark: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure by Carol Schroeder and Katrina Schroeder, reviewed by Samantha R. Brown.

7, p. 98: The Danish Country House by John Erichsen and Mikkel Venborg Pedersen, reviewed by Ed Polk Douglas.

8, p. 101: Kierkegaard and Political Theory: Religion, Aesthetics, Politics and the Intervention of the Single Individual by Armen Avanessian and Sophie Wennerscheid, editors, reviewed by Troy Wellington Smith.

Vol. 39, No. 1, 2016

1, p. 11: My Grandfather: Soren Lorentz Lassen by Karen Lassen.

2, p. 20: My Father, the Christmas Doctor, and the Danish Nurse Who Saved His Life by Tom Weber.

3, p. 28: Danish Midsummer: My Bodtker Grant from DAHS by Kelsi Vanada.

4, p. 44: A Danish Lad in America by Fred Delcomyn.

5, p. 50: Growing Up in Junction City, Oregon. A Memoir by Lois Christiansen Eagleton.

6, p. 74: Memories from Rudbøl, 1923-1927: My Teaching at Rudbøl Danish School by M. R. Mikkelsen, translated by Jim Iversen.

Vol. 38, No. 2, 2015

1, p. 13: Traveling the Distance: Danish “Empire Migration” to the U.S. Virgin Islands by Pernille Østergaard Hansen.

2, p. 52: A Girl in Two Worlds by Meryem Sert, translated by Kristi Planck Johnson.

3, p. 95: Four Poems from “The King’s Coin: Danish-American Poems” by Finne Bille.

4, p. 98: The Nielsen Letters: Doorway to the Past by James D. Iversen, reviewed by Jennifer Eastman Attebery.

5, p. 100: From America to Norway: Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters 1838-1914, Orm Øverland, editor, reviewed by Anna Rue.

6, p. 103: In the Presence of Forever: The Story of the White Dove by Petie Kladstrup, reviewed by Inger Olsen.

Vol. 38, No. 1, 2015

1, p. 13: “We believe that God speaks Danish.” Assimilation vs. Identity in Sanpete County by Claus Elholm Andersen and Elizabeth Peterson.

2, p. 24: “Car Bum Brothers:” The West Coast Escapades of Svend and Folmer Hansen, 1923-24 by Erik S. Hansen and Rikke Utoft Hansen Olsen.

3, p. 137: Danish Folktales, Legends and Other Stories by Tim Tangherlini, reviewed by Jason Schroeder.

4, p. 140: Danes and Icelanders in Michigan by Howard L. Nicholson, Anders J. Gillis, and Russel M. Magnaghi, reviewed by Hilary Virtanen.

5, p. 143: The Quotable Kierkegaard by Gordon Marino, reviewed by Rachel Hunt Steenblik.

​6, p. 147: Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘Festen’ by C. Claire Thomson, reviewed by Jakob Holm.

Vol. 37, No. 2, 2014

Special Issue: Selected Conference Proceeds from the DAHS “Innovation: The Danish Way” Conference in Des Moines, Iowa October 10-12, 2013.

1, p. 13: Challenges and Success Stories from the Danish Health Care System by Lars Engberg.

2, p. 19: Peter Ludwig Panum and the Danish School of Epidemiology by Craig A. Molgaard and Amanda L. Golbeck.

3, p. 25: Det Ny fra Thy. Historical Innovation in a Peripheral Place by Poul Houe.

4, p. 35: Popular Crime Novels - New Paradigms for Women by Nete Schmidt.

5, p. 49: The Spirit of Hans Christian Andersen in the United States by Kristi Planck Johnson and Taru Rauha Spiegel.

6, p. 65: “At Home in an Astonishing World”: The Square Stories of Louis Jensen by Lise Kildegaard.

7, p. 74: A Glimpse into Modern Danish Poetry by Athena Kildegaard.

8, p. 82: My Observations of Danish Innovation in Doing Science, Learning New Things, and Living an Interesting Life by Eugene S. Takle.

9, p. 96: My Danish Heritage and the Privilege of Serving as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark by Laurie S. Fulton.

Vol. 37, No. 1, 2014

1. “I long to hear from you”: The Hardship of Civil War Soldiering on Danish Immigrant Families by Anders Bo Rasmussen

2. Daily Life in Denmark in the 19th Century by Sofie Krøgh Nielsen

3. Remembering the Schleswig War of 1864: A Turning Point in German and Danish National Identity by Julie K. Allen

4. selected essays from The World at War (originally published in English translation in 1917) by Georg Brandes

5. Heartstrings by Inge Wiehl, reviewed by Inger Olsen

6. Borders of Belonging by Mads Daubjerg, reviewed by Julie K. Allen

7. The Story of Den Røde by Marianne Stølen, reviewed by Jim Leary

8. Occupied by Nathaniel Hong, reviewed by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

Vol. 36, Nos. 1 & 2, 2013

1. Danish American Cultural Identity by Signe Sloth

2. Non-Lutheran Denominations Among the Danish Immigrant Churches by Robert Olsen

3. A Journey to Denmark in 1928 by Anton Gravesen

4. The Danish Folk High School and its Presence in the U.S.: The Failure of the Danish-American Folk High Schools vs. the Success of Highlander Folk School by Zizanie Bodene-Yost

5. An Introduction to Danish Culture by Norman Berdichevsky, reviewed by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

6. Plough to the Setting Sun by Enok Mortensen, reviewed by Marcus Cederstrom

7. Icons of Danish Modernity: George Brandes & Asta Nielsen by Julie K. Allen, reviewed by Mark Mussari

8. What Does Thorvald Hansen Say?: Selected Articles and Post Scripts Excerpted from Church and Life, reviewed by Mark Mattes

Vol. 35, Nos. 1 & 2, 2012

1. Comment on the Translation of the Max Henius Book, "Den Danskfødte Amerikaner" (The Danish-Born American) by James D. Iversen

2. The Danish-Born American by Max Henius

3. Contributors and Translators by James D. Iversen

The following numbers 1–21 correspond to chapters in The Danish-Born American, edited by Max Henius, 1912. Listed are translated chapter titles, authors, and the 2012 translators.

1. The reasons for this book and how it came to be published by Dr. Max Henius (translated by James D. Iversen)

2. Where we built and live by Ivar Kirkegaard, Editor, Racine, Wisconsin (translated by Inger Olsen)

3. The Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by P. Gøtke, Pastor of St. John's Church, Clinton, Iowa (translated by Lise Kildegaard)

4. The United Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by Professor P. S. Vig, President of Trinity Seminary, Blair, Nebraska (translated by Donald Berg)

5. Young People's Schools and Hojskoler in the United States by J. Christian Bay, Librarian, John Crerar Library, Chicago, Illinois (translated by Signe Nielsen Betsinger)

6. The Danish Folk Society by J. S. Faaborg, Treasurer, Clinton, Iowa (translated by Ralf Hoifeldt)

7. The Danish American Press by Mads Henningsen, cand. mag., Chicago, Illinois (translated by Christa Holm Vogelius)

8. The Danish Society Dania of California by Carl Plow, General Secretary, San Francisco, California (translated by Jane Kjems)

9. The United Danish Societies in America by C. M. Myrup, Editor, Racine, Wisconsin (translated by Julianne Haahr)

10. The Danish Brotherhood in America by L. L. Ries, former Executive President for DBIA, Clinton, Iowa (translated by Ralf & Ina Hoifeldt)

11. The Danish Sisterhood in America by L. M. Hoffenblad, former General Secretary for DSIA, Chicago, Illinois (translated by James D. Iversen)

12. Dansk Sammenslutten Ungdom – D. S. U. – The Association of Danish Youth by Erik Appel, cand. mag., President of UDY (translated by Anne-Marie Douglas)

13. The Danish American Society by C. H. W. Hasselriis, Vice President of DAS, Chicago, Illinois (translated by Michelle McNabb)

14. Independent Organizations by Max Henius (translated by Rudolf Jensen)

15. Danish Old People's Homes by Max Henius (translated by Rudolf Jensen)

16. The Danish-Born American Newly Arrived in the cities by Director Carl Antonsen, Chicago, Illinois (translated by Ann Marie Rasmussen)

17. The way of life on the Farm by Carl Hansen, Author, La Grande, Washington (translated by Lene Laughner)

18. The development of the Danish Immigrant on American Soil by Sophus F. Neble, Editor, Omaha, Nebraska (translated by Casey & Lone Black)

19. Regulations concerning Immigration and Citizenship by C. V. Eberlin, Librarian, N. Y. Public Library, New York (translated by Casey & Lone Black)

20. Tabulated Overview (a listing of Danish-American Congregations and Secular Organizations) by Max Henius (translated by James D. Iversen)

21. Bibliography (A Listing of Books Written in Danish by Danish-American Authors) by Max Henius (translated by James D. Iversen)

Vol. 34, No. 2, 2011

1. Grundvigian Danish-Americans – A Story of Preservation and Renewal of Cultural and Religious Traditions by Henrik Bredmose Simonsen

2. Religion and Immigration Among the Danish Immigrants in the United States - 1848–1914 by Marianne Sletten Paasch

3. Danish Immigration – Using Private Letters as a Source, Two Examples by Pernille Buchholtz

4. The Copenhagen Settlement near Story City, Iowa by Arlen Twedt

5. The Hornet's Sting by Mark Ryan, reviewed by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

6. Errata

Vol. 34, No. 1, 2011

1. Introduction by Egon Bodtker and Gerald Rasmussen

2. Remembrances. Early Years by the River: Growing Up in the Junction City Danish Community, 1904-23 by Arnold N. Bodtker

3. Christian Hansen Eventyrmanden – The Fairy Tale Man and the Jutland Storyteller Tradition by Erik S. Hansen

4. News from the Danish Emigration Archives by Torben Tvorup Christensen

Vol. 33, No. 2, 2010

1. The Great Dane: Georg Brandes in America by Julie K. Allen

2. Til Oldefar Jens. Copenhagen, November 2008 by Kelsi Vanada

3. Letters from Hampton by James Iversen, Birgit Flemming Larsen, Berry Johnson and Doreen Petersen

4. From Samsø to California & Return – 1952 by Edvard and Harald Degn

5. War Games – Denmark on the Eve of the Nazi Invasion, April 1940 by Torben Tvorup Christensen and Lucy Wilder, reviewed by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

6. Sylvia Pio. En adelig socialist by Kristian Hvidt, reviewed by Birgit Flemming Larsen.

Vol. 33, No. 1, 2010

1. Dairying, Creameries and Cooperatives: Danish Agricultural Contributions to Early Twentieth Century Alberta by Kirstin Bouwsema

2. Danish Gardening Traditions: From Jutland to America by John R. Christianson

3. Piet Hein (1905–1996), A Renaissance Man by Inger M. Olsen

4. Boganis in America: The American Adventures of Karen Blixen's Father by Wilhelm Dinesen, translated and edited by John R. Christianson

5. Ethnic Leadership and Midwestern Politics: Scandinavian Americans and the Progressive Movement in Wisconsin, 1890–1914 (2004), by Jens Brøndal, reviewed by David Byre

6. The Scandinavian Cookbook, photos by Lars Ranek (2009) by Trina Hahnemann, reviewed by Birgitte Christianson

7. My Father's Country: The Story of a German Family by Wibke Bruhns, translated by Shaun Whiteside (2009), reviewed by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

Vol. 32, No. 2, 2009

1. Excerpts From the Course of My Life by Jens Hansen, translated by Edward A. Hansen

2. Intern at the Harriman-Nielsen Farm: Where to Begin? By Nana Mikkelsen

3. Digging Paradise: Historical and Archeological Miscellany of the U. S. Virgin Islands by Kenneth Baumgardt

Vol. 32, No. 1, 2009

1. The Way It Was: Growing Up in Upstate New York by Thorvald Hansen

2. Denmark Our Heritage – America Our Home by Trine Tybjerg Holm, translated by Borge M. Christensen

3. An American Presidential Election in the Eyes of a European Observer by Louis Christensen

4. Three Short Stories: The Parish Constable's Boy, Sins of the Fathers, Life Sentence by Carl Hansen, translated by John R. Christianson

5. Three Danish–American Cookbooks: A Review Essay by Birgitte Christianson

6. Folk Lore and Folk Medicine: A Review Essay of Kathleen Stokker's Remedies and Rituals: Folk Medicine in Norway and the New Land, reviewed by John R. Christianson

7. Danskere som indvandere – Det dansk-argentinske eksempel (Danes as Immigrants – The Danish-Argentine Example) by Erik Dybdal Møller, reviewed by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

8. Until Death Do Us Part: The Letters and Travels of Anna and Vitus Bering, edited by Peter Ulf Møller and Natasha Okhotina Lind, translated by Anna Halager, reviewed by John R. Christianson

Vol. 31, No. 2, 2008

1. Danish Immigration to Racine County, Wisconsin: A Case Study of the Pull Effect in Nineteenth-Century Migration by Pia Viscor

2. I'm Going to America: Jens Christian Andersen's Travel Journal and Letters from Racine, Wisconsin, 1894-95, Pia Viscor, editor

3. De drog til Racine: Den Danske indvandring til Racine County, Wisconsin, USA – et detailstudie af pull-effekten som den unfoldede sig i 1800-tallet (2007) by Pia Viscor, reviewed by John R. Christianson

4. Jeg rejser til Amerika: En rejsedagbog og en samling udvanderbeve fra Racine, Wisconsin, USA (2007) by Pia Viscor, reviewed by John R. Christianson

Vol. 31, No. 1, 2008

1. Politics Among Danish Americans in the Midwest, ca. 1890-1914; by Jørn Brøndal

2. Danish Language and the Church; by Robert A. Olsen

3. Re-writing the Danish American Dream? An Inquiry into Danish Enterprise Culture and Danish Attitudes toward Entrepreneurship: by Robert Smith and Helle Neergaard

4. Index: The Bridge, 1998-2007, assembled by James D. Iversen

5. Benedicte Wrensted's Indian Photographs; A Review Essay: by Lea Rosson DeLong concerning the book A Danish Photographer of Idaho Indians, by Joanna Cohan Scherer.

6. Peeling the Onion, by Günter Grass. Rolf Buschardt Christensen, Reviewer.

Vol. 30, No. 2, 2007

1. Autobiographical Constructions of Danish-American Identity between the World Wars; by Julie K. Allen

2. Reading the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Novels of Horatio Alger as Proto-Entrepreneurial Narrative; by Robert Smith and Helle Neergaard

3. A Question of Motive: The Chris Madsen Story; by Johan Windmüller

4. American Images of Denmark during the Civil War; by Anders Kristian Bærholm Frikke

5. The Practical and the Sentimental: The Artifact Collection of The Danish Immigrant Museum; by Angela Stanford

6. Norwegians on the Prairie: Ethnicity and the Development of a Country Town (2006); by Odd S. Lovell; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

Vol. 30, No. 1, 2007

1. Not for the King, but for God and Country: Scandinavians and Ethnic identity during the American Civil War; by Anders Rasmussen

2. Becoming American - according to the Jorgensens; by Torben Tvorup Christensen

3. Immigrant Utopias; by Thorvald Hansen

4. Denmark's Forgotten Film Star; Karl Dane

5. The Yellow Envelope; by J. Christian Bay, illustrated by Christian Petersen; translator James D. Iversen

6. The Thrall's Tale; by Judith Lindbergh; Margery Peters Iversen, Reviewer

7. Minority Policy in Action: The Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations in a European Context 1955-2005; Rolf Buschardt Christensen, Reviewer

8. Reddet fra Hitlers Helvede: Danmark og De Hvide Busser 1941-45;by Hans Sode-Madsen; Rolf Buschardt Christensen, Reviewer

9. Det farlige liv. En bog om Karen Michaëlis; by Merete von Eyben; Helle Mathiasen, Reviewer

Vol. 29, No. 2, 2006

1. Foreword to Proceedings of an International Conference; Danish Culture, Past and Present: The Last Two Hundred Years; by Helle Mathiasen

2. Opening Remarks; by James D. Iversen

3. Opening Remarks; by Lene Balleby

4. Picturing Karen Blixen- Artist, Charlatan, Heretic,and Iconoclast: European Storyteller in the American Marketplace; by Marianne Stecher-Hansen

5. Karen Blixen: The Quintessential Dane; by Linda Donelson

6. The Greater Challenge: Staying Home or Emigrating; by Inga Wiehl

7. English-Language Learning and Native-Language Maintenance among Danish Immigrants to Utah, 1850-1930; by Lynn Henrichsen, George Bailey, and Jacob Huckaby

8. Matie's Dagbog (Diary); by Avis E. Jorgenson

9. A Small Tale: First Trinity Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Indianapolis; by Barbara George

10. The Global Dane: Writing Søren Kierkegaard's Biography; by Joakim Garff

11. Three Tales of Two Towns: How Fanø Entered the Golden Age of Tall Ships; by Anne Ipsen

12. Culture for Sale in Solvang, California; by Hanne Pico Larsen

13. Between Patrons and Populace: Danish-American Sculptor Carl Rohl-Smith and the Iowa Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Des Moines; by Aase Bak

14. What Can We Learn from Danish Farmers?; by Palle Pedersen

15. History of Wind Technology in Denmark; by James D. Iversen

16. Whose Memory is it, After All?; by Inger M. Olsen

17. N.S.F. Grundtvig's Approach to Christian Community and Civic Responsibility; by Mark C. Mattes

18. Grundtvigianism in America; by Thorvald Hansen

19. Grundtvig's Relevance Today: The Current Debate; by Henrik Wigh-Poulsen

20. A Tale of Two Geniuses - with Opposing Views of Tales - and an Ingenious Critic of Both: H.C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and Georg Brandes; by Poul Houe

21. Danish Nobel Laureates in Literature with Special Emphasis on Johannes V. Jensen; by Erik M. Christensen

22. Karen Michaëlis: Famous Danish Novelist and Humanitarian Rebel with a Cause; by Merete von Eyben

23. Gunnar Johansen: Gentlemanly Dane; by Solon Pierce

24. Hans Christian Andersen in Musical Translation; by Jean Christensen

25. The Hersholt Collection of Anderseniana at The Library of Congress; by Kristi Planck Johnson and Taru Spiegel

26. Christian Petersen: From Denmark to the New Deal to Campus Sculptor; by Lea Rosson DeLong

27. Gyde-Petersen: A Skagen Artist in America; by John R. Christianson

28. The Reception of Danish Science Fiction in the US; by Kristine J. Anderson

29. The Danish-American Poet and Writer Anton Kvist from Chicago: His Life and His Works; by Birgit Flemming Larsen

30. The Fiction of Enok Mortensen; by Rudolf Jensen

31. The Veil between Fact and Fiction in the Novels of Kristian Østergaard; by John Mark Nielsen

32. Quest and Place in Carl Hansen and Hans Christian Andersen; by David Iversen

33. Of Two Women in Scandinavian-American Immigrant Literature; by Mikael Hansen

34. My Mother's Hand; by Pia Tafdrup

35. Revising Carl Theodor Dreyer's Unfilmed Jesus Film Scenario; by Peter G. Christensen

36. Songs to Live By - Danish Song and Culture; by Joy Ibsen

37. Hans Christian Andersen Stories; by Lisa Kramme

38. Appendix A: Conference Program

39. Appendix B: Conference Committees

40. Appendix C: Conference Sponsors and Donors

Vol. 29, No. 1, 2006

1. Nineteenth-Century Emigration from Sjælland, A Rural Township in North Zealand (Sjælland); by Niels Peter Stilling

2. Captain S.S. Heller and the First Organized Danish Migration to Canada;

by Erik John Nielsen Lang

3. Abraham Van Buskirk: United Empire Loyalist opposed to the American War for Independence; by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

4. The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen; by Diana Crone Frank and Jeffery Frank; Birgit Flemming Larsen, Reviewer

5. Den ideele amerikaner; En biographi om journalisten, reformisten og fotografen Jacob A. Riis; by Tom Buk-Swienty; Mikael Hansen, Reviewer

6. Karen from the Mill: A novel from the Golden Age of Sail; by Anne Ipsen;

Birgit Flemming Larsen, Reviewer

7. The Rise of Jonas Olsen: A Norwegian Immigrant's Saga; by Johannes B. Wist; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

8. Danes In Wisconsin; by Frederick Hale; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

Vol. 28, No.2, 2005

1. The Cups of Blood are Emptied: Pietism and Cultural Heritage in Two Danish Immigrant Schools on the Great Plains; by John Mark Nielsen

2. Hans Jorgen Pedersen: The Founder of Danebod; by Thorvald Hansen

3. From the Farm to the Faculty: The Educational Odyssey of Paulus Falck; by

Johan Windmüller

4. Portrait of a Peddler; by Enok Mortensen

5. Peter S. Petersen's Memoirs; Editor John W. Nielsen; George Nielsen, Reviewer

6. Pauline and Panno: Immigrant Lives Intertwined; by Fred Baltz; J. M. Pederson, Reviewer

7. Elna: A Danish Blossom in Urban Blight, by Harold E. Olsen; Anne Ipsen, Reviewer

8. Crossings: Norwegian-American Lutheranism as a Transatlantic Tradition; Editor Todd W. Nichol; Carroll Engelhardt, Reviewer

Vol. 28, No. 1, 2005

1. Christine: The Life and Death of a Danish-American Medical Missionary in the Middle East; by Jim Iversen

2. Doc Christy; by Borge Christensen

3. The Danish Interest Conference; by Thorvald Hansen

4. On Tycho's Island: Tycho Brahe and His Assistants 1570-1601; by John R. Christianson; Kristian Hvidt, Reviewer

5. The Stargazers:A Historical Drama in Two Acts; by Joseph Cowley; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

6. Tycho Brahe: Mapping the Heavens; by William J. Boerst; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

7. Den Ukendte Tycho Brahe; by Torkil Morsing; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

8. You on Us: 25 Foreign Views of Denmark from 845 to 2001, by Kristian Hvidt;

David S. Iversen, Reviewer

9. For enden af regnbuen? 150 skæbnefortællinger om nulevende danskere i USA; by Bo Østlund; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

10. Landbrug, Lokalhistorie og Langt fra Danmark: Festskrift til Erik Helmer Pedersen i anledning af hans 70 års fødselsdag, lørdag den 6. juli 2002; Editors: Dan H. Andersen, Claus Bjørn, Tormod Hessel, & Jette Mackintosh; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

11. Nannie F.; En Fortælling om skæbne og slægt; by Benny Boysen; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

12. From Copenhagen to Okanogan: The Autobiography of a Pioneer; by U.E. Fries;

Otto Brask, Reviewer

13. The Swedish-American Press and the Vietnam War; by Edward Burton; H. Arnold Barton, Reviewer

Vol. 27, Nos. 1 & 2, 2004

1. Conference: Danish -North American Relations Since World War II; Introduction; by John Mark Nielsen

2. The Founding of Danish America; by John R. Christianson

3. The Legacy of the Danish Resistance in World War II; by Joy Ibsen

4. "A Lioness for Denmark?"; by John Pederson

5. Danish Anti-Americanism; by Poul Houe

6. The Impact of American Jazz on Denmark; by Merete von Eyben

7. Immigration: Is it what is used to be?; by Leland E. Molgaard

8. The Teenage Ambassadors; by Karsten Kjer Michaelsen

9. Defining an Immigrant; by Helle Mathiasen

10. I will always be Danish at heart; by Birgit Flemming Larsen

11. Re-immigration to Denmark; by Jette Mackintosh

12. The Establishment of Danish Lutheran Churches in Canada; by Rolf Buschardt Christensen

13. Danish Lutheran Churches in America; by Edward R. Hansen

14. The Danish Emigration Archives; by Birgit Flemming Larsen

15. The Archive and History; by Niel Johnson

16. A Society, a Museum and an Archive; by Peter L. Petersen

17. Appendix A: Conference Program

18. Appendix B: Conference Committees

Vol. 26, No. 2, 2003

1. Why did they immigrate?; by Jette Macintosh

2. American Ships and Danish Immigrants in 1869; by Harry R. Skallerup

3. For the want of ten dollars; by Thorvald Hansen

4. Stjernen - a Danish or an American Newspaper?; by Karsten Kjær Michaelsen

5. The Christmas tree and the two churches, by Johannes Knudsen; translated by James D. Iversen

6. Et Sted I Hjertet; by Jennifer Gerrity; Kristian Hvidt, Reviewer

7. Øst, Vest - Hjemme Bedst?; by Jette Mackintosh; Torben Tvorup Christensen, Reviewer

Vol. 26, No. 1, 2003

1. Teenage Immigrant; by Anne Ipsen

2. My Re-Americanization; by Willard R. Garred

3. From America to Denmark and Back: An Excerpt from the Unpublished Memoirs of John M. Jensen, by John M. Jensen; Edited by Frederik V. Jensen

4. Danes in America: Kansas and Nebraska; by P.S. Vig; translated by Ninna Engskow, Editor: John W. Nielsen; Neil Johnson, Reviewer

5. Inside the Fighting First: Papers of a Nebraska Private in the Phillipine War; by Henry O. Thompson; Editor: Thomas S. Nielsen, Introduction & Commentary by Matthew Plowman; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

Vol. 25, No. 2, 2002

1. Introduction: Emigration from Vejle Amt ; by John R. Christianson

2. From Vejle Amt to Iowa in 1868, by Christian P. Christiansen; Translator & Editor; John R. Christianson

3. Becoming American: The Autobiography of C. P. Peterson, DDS; by C. P. Peterson; Interpretations by John R. Christianson

Vol. 25, No. 1, 2002

1. Emigration from Jystrup and Valsølille; by Pia Viscor; Translator John R. Christianson

2. The Bridge Builders of Luther Memorial; by Wilber J. Williamson

3. "For Freedom of the Word"; by Thorvald Hansen

4. Udvandrer Bogen, by Kristian Østergaard; Transl. & Edited by Gerald Rasmussen; Introduction by John R. Christianson

5. Dannebrog on the American Prairie: A Danish Colony Project in the 1870s; by Torben Grøngaard Jeppesen; Translator James D. Iversen; George Nielsen, Reviewer

6. In Denmark Born-To Canada Sworn; Editor Birgit Flemming Larsen;

Christopher Hale, Reviewer

Vol. 24, No. 2, 2001

1. Peder Kjolhede - Man of Action; by Thorvald Hansen

2. Jens Christian Jensen and Family; by Lois Eagleton

3. A Trip to Denmark in 1906; by Lois Eagleton

4. My Danish Background; by Waldemar Westergaard

5. New Land, New Lives; by Janet E. Rasmussen; Rudolf Jensen, Reviewer

6. Og Krigen Sluttede, ---vel; by Erik Overgaard Jensen & Mogens Pontoppidan;

Rudolf Jensen, Reviewer

7. Our Last Frontiers, A World Cruise; by Lotte & Borge M. Christensen; Robert Sawvell, Reviewer

8. Under the Cloud, by Dagmar E. Vasby and Charlene M. Luchterland; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

Vol. 24, No. 1, 2001

1. Taking the Scenic Route: From Denmark to America via Australia; by Borge M. Christensen

2. Carl Peter Hoiberg; by Thorvald Hansen

3. Impressions of Danishness in Chicago and Racine: Selected Results from a Questionnaire; by Birgit Flemming


4. Christian Petersen, Sculptor: A Review Essay, by John R. Christianson

5. Homeward to Zion - The Mormon Migration from Scandinavia;

by William Mulder; Rick Burns, Reviewer

Vol. 23, No. 2, 2000

1. From Odder to America; by John R. Christianson

2. The Long Journey to Oregon: An Emigrant Family from Odder; by Kristian Tybjerg; Translator Inger M. Olsen

3. The Kjems Family from Odder to Ashland; by Magne Kjems

4. A Boyhood at Ashland; by Hjalmar Kjems; translator Thorvald Hansen

5. I Kongens Navn: Henrik Kauffmann I dansk diplomati 1919-58;

by Bo Lidegaard; Rolf Buschardt Christensen, Reviewer

Vol. 23, No. 1, 2000

1. In Memoriam: Arnold Bodtker

2. Restless Fanatic: Mogens Abraham Sommer, 1829-1901; by Thorvald Hansen

3. Marcus Lee Hansen's approach to the History of Scandinavian Immigration; by

John R. Christianson

4. Gendered Communication Among Second Generation Danish Americans in the "Blair Church": A study in Progress; by John Mark Nielsen

5. Snow!; by Enok Mortensen; Translator Rudolf Jensen

6. Time to Retire: Providing for Retirement on a Danish Farm in 1863; by John R. Christianson

7. Passages from India; by Norman C. Bansen; Charmazel Dudt, Reviewer

8. Out of Isak Dinesen:Karen Blixen's Untold Story; by Linda Donelson; Rolf Buschardt Christensen, Reviewer

9. Boats in the Night: Knud Dyby's Involvement in the Rescue of the Danish

Jews and the Danish Resistance; by Martha Loeffler; George Nielsen, Reviewer

Vol. 22, Nos. 1,2, 1999

1. A Danish Soldiers' Song in America; by Finn V. Nerland

2. Danish Emigrants: Winners or Losers?; by John C. Christianson

3. Peasant Revivalism and Secularization: Protestant Popular Culture in Denmark and Sweden, 1820-1850; by Hanne Sanders

4. A Norwegian in the Pew of Buldolfi Cathedral in Aalborg; by Øyvind T. Gulliksen

5. The Turkey; by Carl Hansen; Translator David Iversen

6. Tireless in His Service: Rasmus Andersen, Pastor and Author, 1878-1924; by Thorvald Hansen

7. A Danish Olympian in Los Angeles: From the Life of Sigrid Lassen, 1900-1991;

by Karen Lassen

8. The Promise Fulfilled, A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today; by Odd S. Lovoll; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

9. Becoming Swedish American: The Construction of an Ethnic Identity in the Augustana Synod, 1860-1917; by Dag Blanck; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

10. The Colony that Rose from the Sea: Norwegian Maritime Migration and

Community in Brooklyn, 1850-1910; by David C. Mauck; John R. Christianson, Reviewer

Vol. 22, No. 2, 1998

1. Oregon Danish Colony: Ethnic Assimilation in Junction City, 1902-1952; by

Gerald Rasmussen & Otto Larsen

2. The Psychology of a Mermaid: Understanding the Danish Psyche; by Karen Lassen

3. Hans Christian Andersen's Statue in Lincoln Park, Chicago; by Birgit Flemming Larsen

4. Danebod: A tradition of Strength and Spirit in Lincoln Park, Chicago; by Ann Svendsen

Vol. 21, No. 1, 1998

1. Breaking Ground in the Promised Land: Mary Lund's Letters Home to Denmark from Canada, March-September 1926; by Mary Lund, with Introduction by Darren E. Lund; Translator Rita J. Lund,

2. Sophus K. Winther, by Barbara Howard Meldrum

3. Twenty Years Old; by Arnold N. Bodtker

4. Index: The Bridge, 1988-1998 Articles, assembled by Nicole Weers

Vol. 20, No. 2, 1997

1. As You Bend the Twig, So Grows the Tree; by Borge M. Christensen

2. Christian Madsen - A Dane in the "Wild West"; by Sybil Duus Needham

3. A Family Sketchbook; by Eva Marie Johnson

4. Union of Opposites, Letters from Rit Svane Wengel, Edited by Craig W. Miller;

Rolf Buschardt Christensen, Reviewer

Vol. 20, No. 1, 1997

1. My Life Has Been Worth Living; by Agnes Jelhof Jensen; Introduction by

Gerald Rasmussen

2. A Grundtvig in America; by Thorvald Hansen

3. Julius Strandberg and "The Almost White Child"; by Hans Jørgen Strandberg

4. Recollections of a Danish Auctioneer; by Erling Christensen

Vol. 19, No. 2, 1996

1. Junction City to Denmark: A Boyhood Journey; by Visti Favrholt

2. The Impact of N.F.S. Grundtvig on American Immigrants; by Axel C. Kildegaard

3. Junction City to Denmark: A Boyhood Journey; by Visti Favrholt;

G. Rasmussen, Reviewer

Vol. 19, No. 1, 1996

1. Paradise in Poverty; by Visti Favrholt

2. Memories From a Danish American Parsonage; by Bodil Strandskov Sorensen

3. Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Researching Danish American

Folklife; by Gregory Hansen

4. That All Good Things Strike Root: A Centennial History of Grand View College; by Thorvald Hansen; Gerald Rasmussen, Reviewer

Vol. 18, No. 2, 1995

1. Benedicte Wrensted: Danish Photographer in Idaho Rediscovered; by Joanna C. Scherer; Translators Erik & Kaja Voldbæk

2. Anders Kristian Andersen, 1825-1920; by Anders K. Andersen; Translator

Bodil Marie Sandager Hansen

3. N. F. S. Grundtvig's Idea of Folklore: Resurrecting Folk-Life Through the Living Word; by Gergory Hansen

Vol. 18, No. 1, 1995

1. Impediments to the Cultivation of the Folk School Spirit in a North American Context: The Case of Grand View College: by Dennis Biefeldt

2. Some Reflections of My Life: An Account of Mission Work Among the Cherokee;

Mrs. C. B. (Abolone) Larsen; Edited & Introduction by John Mark Nielsen

3. Nels C. Nelson: Danish American Archeologist; by Kathleen Nielsen Carlson

4. The Building of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Kimballton, Iowa; by Jeanette Lillehoj

Vol. 17, No.2, 1994

1. Carl Hansen's Concept of Christmas; by David Iversen

2. To Have Revenge on the Self-Righteous University: Pietism and Religious Doubt in Sophus Keith Winther's "Beyond the Garden Gate"; by John Mark Nielsen

3. Mary Dilberg's Memories, by Mary Dilberg; Editors Charles & Edel Berg; Introduction by Charles H. Berg

4. My Parents' Lives; by Hazel Rasmussen Morse

5. Danish Emigration to Australia; Editors Kristian Hvidt & Helle Otte; Translator Karen Veien; Rudolf Jensen, Reviewer

Vol. 17, No. 1, 1994

1. Sentenced to be Hanged: The Tragic Story of a Danish Immigrant; by Peter Thomsen

2. An Immigrant Story of Peter Petersen Thisted: Itinerant, Maverick Danish Lutheran Pastor, 1859-1915; by Paul A. Thisted

3. Recollections from our Voyage to America; by Soren Pedersen

4. Danish Emigration to the U.S.A.; Editors Birgit Flemming Larsen & Henning Bender; G. Rasmussen, Reviewer

5. Danish Emigration to Canada; Editors Henning Bender & Birgit Flemming Larsen; J.M. Nielsen, Reviewer

6. Danish Emigration to New Zealand; Editors Henning Bender & Birgit Flemming Larsen; Egon Bodtker, Reviewer

Vol. 16, No. 2, 1993

1. Pioneer Life in the Big Dane Settlement; by August Rasmussen

2. The First Fifty Years, Dagmar, Montana; by Irving Andreasen; Introduction by Gerald Rasmussen

3. Danes in Polk County, Wisconsin; by A. Bobjerg; Translator Edwin Pedersen

Vol. 16, No. 1, 1993

1. Emigration from Denmark to America, Diary of Marius Larsen; by Marius Larsen; Translator Carl Larsen

2. Ane Kirstine Jorgensen/Bollesen; by Ane Kirstine Jorgensen/Bollesen; Translator Dagmar Hoiberg

3. Danevang: The Co-operative Danish Capital of Texas; by Cecelia Jensen Bell

4. Anton Gravesen - Immigrant's Way; by Anton Gravesen; Editor Olga Opfell

5. Kai Eduard Rasmussen: A Danish American Hero; by Val Hempel

6. Church Divided, Lutheranism Among the Danish Immigrants; by Thorvald Hansen; Arnold N. Bodtker, Reviewer

Vol. 15, No. 2, 1992

1. Three Churches at West Denmark; by Edwin Pedersen

2. The Significance of the Private Letter in Immigration History: by Niels Peter Stilling

3. Tales From My Church; by Ruth Herman Nielsen

4. Denmark: Through a Glass Darkly; by John W. Larson

5. My First Ninety Years; by Agneta Jensen Slott

6. Kampen om Danskheden: Tro og nationalitet i de danske Kirkesamfund i Amerika; by Henrik Bredmose Simonsen; Thorvald Hansen,Reviewer

7. And a Time to Dance; by Beryl "Gus" Knudsen; Helen Jessen, Reviewer

Vol. 15, No. 1, 1992

1. A Land Conquered: Nebraska's Mirage Flats, 1919-1948; by Norma C. Shirck

2. Weeping Water, A Typical Small Town Danish Community, 1880-1930; by

Edith & Jean Matteson

3. Gribskov: Oregon Days and Destinies of Countrymen; by Marius Larsen; Translator Ann Marie Rasmussen

4. My Father's Story; by Jens Peter Nielsen

5. Danish Folk High Schools-Their Influence in America; by Joan McInnes

6. A Memoir Honoring Marie & Henry Werbes; by Beverly White

7. Jens Horstrup: A Labor Legacy; by Shannon Kracht

Vol. 14, No. 2, 1991

1. Grandfather Rasmus B. Nielsen's Written Account of His Life from Birth until He Emigrated from Denmark to the United States; by Rasmus B. Nielsen; Translator Harald R. Jensen

2. In-migration and Settlement of Danes in Howard County, Nebraska; by Rasmus B. Nielsen; Translator Harald R. Jensen

3. Historical Notes About the Danish American Fellowship of Minnesota; by

Caroline Olsen

4. Kirkegaard Families' Years on the Nebraska Prairie; by Jean Matteson

5. Story of Karen Henriksen Bondo; by Anton Hansen; Translator Chaplain Lauritz H. Pedersen

6. Meta M. Hedemann: From 1878; by Meta M. Hedemann

Vol. 14, No. 1, 1991

1. Reminiscences at the Celebration of My Folks' First Seventy Married Years 1911-1981; by Axel Nielsen; Introduction by Arnold N. Bodtker

2. Danish Artists of the American West: Olaf Seltzer & Olaf Wieghorst; by Cecelia Ibsen Larsen

3. "Old" Nielsen: 1832-1909; by Thorvald Hansen

4. The Long Haul, An Autobiography by Myles Horton; by Myles Horton, with Herbert Kohl and Judith Kohl; Preface by Bill Moyers; Arnold N. Bodtker, Reviewer

Vol. 13, No. 2, 1990

1. The Autobiography of Jens Jorgensen; Jens Jorgensen; Translator & Foreword by Peter Jorgensen

2. Brother Come! An Invitation to Immigrate; by Mark R. Friis-Hansen

3. Danish Mormons in Nebraska; by Edith Matteson

4. Ethnic Identity, Nationalism, and Scandinavianism in the Scandinavian Immigrant Socialist Press in the U.S,; by Jens Bjerre Danielsen

5. Queens, Empresses, Grand Duchesses and Regents: Women Rulers of Europe, A.D. 1328-1989; by Olga Opfell; Otto Nelson, Reviewer

6. Danish Immigrant Archival Listing, A Guide to Source Materials Related to the Danish Immigrant in America to be Found in Repositories in the United States, Canada, and Denmark; by Thorvald Hansen; Rolf Erickson, Reviewer

Vol. 13, No. 1, 1990

1. Memories from Childhood & Early Youth; by Andrea Blichfeldt Smith; Translator Alma K. Stark

2. Memories & Autobiography of Jens Lind; by Jens Lind

3. Niels E. Hansen: Plant Explorer; by Harald Jensen

4. He Sowed So That Others Could Reap: Niels Ebbesen Hansen, 1866-1950; by J. Christian Bay; Translator Harald R. Jensen

5. A Danish Socialist in Capitalist Chicago; by George R. Nielsen

6. Sylvia Pio: A Danish American Livewire; by Kristian Hvidt; Translator & Editor John R. Christianson

7. The Rescue of the Danish Jews: Moral Courage Under Stress, by Leo Goldberger;

G. Rasmussen, Reviewer

8. Transatlantic Connections; by Hans Norman & Harald Runblom; George Nielsen, Reviewer

Vol. 12, No. 2, 1989

1. Johannes Knudsen: The Cultural Context of His Youth; by Aage V. Knudsen

2. Johannes Knudsen as an Educator: A Conversation With Harry Jensen; by

Thorvald Hansen

3. A Bilingual Editor; by Thorvald Hansen

4. The Theological Contributions of Johannes V. Knudsen; by Axel Kildegaard

5. The Relevance of Our Heritage; by Johannes V. Knudsen

6. Christian Hansen, "The Fairy Tale Man"; by Johannes V. Knudsen; Translator

Gudrun Nielsen

7. J. Christian Bay & His Account of Hans Christian Andersen's Visit to Chicago; by

Rolf Erickson

Vol. 12, No. 1, 1989

1. Mary Bardenfleth - "I Remember", Part 2; by Mary Bardenfleth; Translator & Introduction by Caroline Olsen

2. The Image of the United States in Danish Literature: A Survey with Scandinavian Perspectives; by Sven H. Rossel

3. The Story of a Pioneer; by Harald P. Nielsen; Translator Ela Koch Nielsen

4. Harald P. Nielsen's Saga; by Ivan E. Nielsen

5. The Daring Dane: The Dream of Peter Lassen, the Man from Farum; by Elisabeth Lyneborg; Helen Jessen, Reviewer

6. I Too Shall Wear Purple, by Eva Marie Johnson; G. Rasmussen, Reviewer

Vol. 11, No. 2, 1988

1. Danish Perceptions and West Indian Realities: Slavery in the Danish West Indies; by Karen Fog Olwig

2. Identifying Danish American Folklife; by Gregory Hansen

3. R.B. Nielsen's Journey from Aarhus to Dannebrog; by Harold Jensen

4. Mary Bardenfleth - "I Remember"; by Mary Bardenfleth; Translator & Introduction by Caroline Olsen

5. Devastation in Tyler; by Thorvald Hansen

6. From Scandinavia to America, Proceedings from a conference held at Gl. Holtegaard; Editors Steffen Elmer Jørgensen, Lars Scheving, & Niels Peter Stilling; Peter L Petersen, Reviewer

7. Danish Immigrant Archival Listing: A Guide to Source materials Related to the Danish Immigrant in America to be Found in Repositories in the United States, Canada, and Denmark. by Thorvald Hansen; Book Note by Arnold N. Bodtker

Vol. 11, No. 1, 1988

1. Peter Larson - Danish Immigrant Entrepreneur; by Henry Jorgensen

2. Karl Jensen's Diary; by Karl Jensen; Editor Robert L. Berner

3. A Journey With Obstacles; Jens Jensen; Introduction by Gerald Rasmussen

4. Recollections of Two Immigrant Sisters; by James D. Iversen

5. Hjalmar Peterson of Minnesota: the Politics of Provincial Independence; by S. J. Keillor; Gerald Rasmussen, Reviewer

6. Index to the Bridge, 1977-1987, compiled by Eva Nielsen

Vol. 10, No. 2, 1987

1. Enok Mortensen's Major Fiction; by Dorothy Burton Skårdal

2. The Danish Immigrant Experience in the Fiction of Enok Mortensen; by Rudolf J. Jensen

3. Enok Mortensen as Preacher; by Thorvald Hansen

4. Danebod Folk Meeting: by Elsie S. Hansen

5. Danebod Family Recreation Camps; by Otto G. Hoiberg

6. Enok Mortensen and Askov; by Hans Henningsen; Translator AnnMarie Rasmussen

7. Enok Mortensen as Archivist; by Thorvald Hansen

8. Enok Mortensen & Danes World-Wide Archives; by Inger Bladt;

Translator Donald Watkins

9. Enok Mortensen & the History of Danish Emigration to America; by Erik Helmer Pedersen; Translator AnnMarie Rasmussen

10. Enok Mortensen as a Danish-American; by Erling Duus

11. Enok Mortensen - Vitae

Vol. 10, No. 1, 1987

1. Hanne Ravnholt - Pioneer Wisconsin Buttermaker; by Reimert T. Ravenholt

2. Danish Methodists in the United States; by Arlow W. Andersen

3. A Transplanted Dane Looks Back on 80 Years; by Ludvig Mosbæk; Translator Edith Kilgren; Editor Olga S. Opfell

4. Marcus Lee Hansen Returns to His Roots; by John R. Christianson

5. Laurs Christian Laursen; by Betty Laursen Miller

6. Children of Danish Roots (Stammens Børn); by L. C. Laursen; Translator Willard Garred

7. Travels Abroad of Hans Christian Andersen; by Don Mowatt

8. Christian Petersen Remembered; by Patricia Lounsberry Bliss; Ellen McCumsey, Reviewer

9. Fugue, A Poem; by Ivan Malinowski, illustrated by Dea Grier Mørch; Translator Karl King; Ann Marie Rasmussen, Reviewer

10. Paradise on the Prairie: Nebraska Settlers' Stories; by Baldwin F. Kruse, Editor Lowen Kruse; Helen Jessen, Reviewer

11. Bibliografi over Dansk-Amerikansk Udvandrerhistorie: Den danske udvandring til USA fra 1840 til 1920 og den dansk-amerikanske historie til 1983; by Elizabeth Riber Christensen and John Pedersen; Edith Matteson, Reviewer

Vol. 9, No. 2, 1986

1. Right Place, Right Time -- The William S. Knudsen Story; by Robert Vanderkloot

2. Sketches of My Life (Introduction by Marion Marzolf); by Karl Larsen

3. Axel Pedersen -- Timber Engineer; by Olga S. Opfell

4. The Heritage of Niels Bohr; by Russell J. Donnelly

5. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered; by Aase Bak

6. Christmas Letters to My Daughter in Denmark; by Cynthia Norris Graae

7. Poplar, Iowa; by M. Christensen et al; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

8. Danes of Yates County; The History and Traditional Arts of an Ethnic Community in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, Penn Yan, NY.; by Varik A. Chittenden; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

9. 1886: A Danish-American Family Saga; by David L. Hendee; G. Rasmussen, Reviewer

10. Danish Immigrant Homes: Glimpses from Southwestern Minnesota; by Signe Nielsen Betsinger; K. McCumsey, Reviewer

11. Winter's Child; by Dea T. Mørch; Translator Joan Tate; Eva Nielsen, Reviewer

Vol. 9, No. 1, 1986

1. The Danish Immigrant; by Signe Nielsen Betsinger

2. Reflections on Denmark as it was, and Emigration to America; by Arlow W. Andersen

3. The Dancing Danes in America; by Olga Strandvold Opfell

4. Danish-American Literature in Transtion; by Dorothy Burton Skårdal

5. The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence; by Rene Weybye Lassen

6. Table Talk; by L. C. Laursen

7. "Amalie's Story", "Petra", "Sailing Out", by Julie Jensen McDonald; Otto Hoiberg, Reviewer

8. Drømmen om Amerika; by Erik Helmer Pedersen; Marion Marzolf, Reviewer

9. The Selected Poems of Jens August Schade; by J. A. Schade; Translator

Alexander Taylor; Ann Marie Rasmussen, Reviewer

10. More on "Den Lange Plovfure"; by Enok Mortensen; Erling Duus, Reviewer

11. Response; Rudolf Jensen, Reviewer

Vol. 8, No. 2, 1985

1. Cornelius Jensen, One of California's First Danes; by Harlan H. Pedersen

2. Jens Munk, The Story of a Sailor Who Embraced His Fate; by Inga Wiehl

3. Niels Sorensen Lawdahl, Autobiography; by Niels Sorensen Lawdahl;

Translator Edith Bodtker

4. A.P. Andersen -- Saga of a Danish American; by Henry Jorgensen

5. The Jens Nyholm Papers; by William K. Beatty

6. The Plow, the Cow and the Pastor; by Karl Marg; Translator Willard Garred

7. In Debt to Heritage; by Elise Hermansen Olsen; Otto Hoiberg, Reviewer

8. Den Gamle Smed,;by Halvdan Helweg; Translator Edwin S. Pedersen; Willard Garred, Reviewer

Vol. 8, No. 1, 1985

1. The Danish Community of Chicago; by Philip S. Friedman

Vol. 7, No. 2, 1984

1. A New Church in a New Land, The Founding of Det Danske Evangeliske Lutherske Kirkesamfund i Amerika; by Peter L. Petersen

2. Marcus Lee Hansen: America's First Transethnic Historian; by Moses Rischin

3. Identity through Remembrance; by Axel C. Kildegaard

4. Greenland 1948-1985, From Reorganization to Home Rule & Beyond; Bent Thygesen

5. A Place Called Dana, The Centennial History of Trinity Seminary and Dana College 1884-1984; by Peter L. Petersen; G.Q. Unruh, Reviewer

6. Den Lange Plovfure; by Enok Mortensen; Rudolf Jensen, Reviewer

7. Danish Emigrant Ballads & Songs; by Rochelle & Robert L. Wright; Donald Watkins, Reviewer

8. Reflections; by Olaf R. Juhl; Otto Hoiberg, Reviewer

Vol. 7, No. 1, 1984

1. An Immigrant's Provisions for Mortality; by Inga Wiehl

2. The Dano-Norwegian Department of Chicago Theological Seminary; by

Frederick Hale

3. A Midsummer Day; by Amy R. Thrall

4. Danes in North America; by Frederick Hale; Marion Marzolf, Reviewer

5. The Dream of America; Editors John R. & Birgitte Christianson; W. S. Robinson, Reviewer

6. Kraftens horn, myte og virkelighed I Karen Blixens liv; by Anders Westenholz; Leif Sjöberg, Reviewer

7. Selected Stories, by Benny Andersen; Translator Leonie A. Marx;

Kaja Voldbæk, Reviewer

8. If it Really Were A Film; by Dorrit Willumsen; Translator Ann Marie Rasmussen;

Kaja Voldbæk, Reviewer

9. C. C. A. Christensen 1831-1912: Mormon-Immigrant Artist; by Richard L. Jensen & Richard G.Oman; Donald Watkins, Reviewer

Vol. 6, No. 2, 1983

1. Our mission to the Indians. An Account of a Danish Immigrant Church's Mission to the Cherokee Indians in 1892; by John Mark Nielsen

2. Danish Immigrant Contributions to Mainstream American Children's Literature; by

Karen Nelson Hoyle

3. Clausens on the move, Chicago, St. Ansgar, Virginia, 1870-1873; by John R. Christianson

4. Jens Kjar: From Horsens to Atlantic; by Signe Nielsen Betsinger

5. Lægepraksis i Chicago. Brogede Minder; by Morris Salmonsen

Vol. 6, No. 1, 1983

1. Danish in Dakota; by Iver Kjær and Mogens Baumann Larsen

2. The Life History of Mrs. Bertha Josephsen Andersen; by Bertha Josephsen


3. Grundtvig's Influence on American Education; by Enok Mortensen

4. Christian Fenger - An Embodiment of Truth; by William K. Beatty

5. Danish in Portland -1882-1982; by Ingeborg Nielsen MacHaffie;

Arnold N. Bodtker, Reviewer

6. Whistlers in the Night; by Nis Petersen; Translator Otto Sorensen;

Enok Mortensen, Reviewer

7. Kimballton, Iowa, 1883-1983; by Kimballton Centennial Commission;

John Mark Nielsen, Reviewer

8. Next Year Will Be Better; by Arthur C. Larsen; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

Vol. 5, No. 2, 1982

1. Scandinavia & the Prairie School; Chicago Landscape Artist Jens Jensen; by John R. Christianson

2. A. Sampler, Three Stories: "My Father", "The Jackrabbit", and "The Streetcar Motorman"; by Carl Hansen; Translator Donald Watkins

3. "Bring………the Books" - Notes on the Danish Lutheran Publishing House, 1877-1963; by Mark Friis-Hansen

4. A short history of the life of N.J. Blagen; by Niels Jensen Blagen

5. The Danish Dip; by Edna H. Hong

6. The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Udvandrerarkiv, Aalborg; by Inger Bladt; Translator Donald Watkins

7. Jens Peter Jacobsen; by Niels Lyhne Jensen; Niels Ingwersen, Reviewer

8. From the Land of the Great Lakes; Pioneer Days in Michigan; by Holger Rosenstand; Translator Willard R. Garred; Marion Marzolf, Reviewer

Vol. 5, No. 1, 1982

1. Peter Lassen: Danish Pioneer of California; by Franklin D. Scott

2. Language Transition and Danish Children's Schools in the U.S. : by

Ejnar Farstrup

3. Life on Lilac Hill - Sketches of Karen & Chresten Pedersen's Prairie Years; by

Karen M. Kadgihn

4. Danish Farmers in the Middle West; by Erik Helmer Pedersen

5. Louis Pio in America; by Thorvald Hansen

6. Emigration of Søren Kierkegaard; by Howard V. & Edna H. Hong

7. Hans Christian Andersen; by Bo Grønbech; Joyce C. Oates, Reviewer

8. Water for a Thirsty Land; by Norma C. Shirck; Peter L Petersen, Reviewer

9. Seventeen Danish Poets; A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Danish Poetry; Editor Niels Ingwersen; M.K. Knudsen, Reviewer

10. The Danish Americans; by George Nielsen; G. Rasmussen, Reviewer

11. We Are A Little Land; Cultural Assumptions in Danish Everyday Life; by Judith F. Hansen; Egon Bodtker, Reviewer

12. Pioneer Days on the Prairie; by K.C. Bodholdt; Translator Thorvald Hansen; Sandra Knudsen, Reviewer

13. An American Saga; by Carl C. Jensen; Harald H. Lund, Reviewer

Vol. 4, No. 2, 1981

1. The immigrant's challenge to DAHS; by Otto Hoiberg

2. Rasmus Sørensen and Danish Emigration, 1847-1863; by Frederick Hale

3. The Danish-Language Press in America; by Marion Marzolf

4. Danes & Danish on the Great Plains: Some Socio-linguistic Aspects; by Donald Watkins

5. Hans Christian Andersen's Life & Works: A Danish-American Perspective; by Inga Kromann-Kelly

6. Art? Among Danes in America?; by Aase Bak

7. Overgaard, Arizona -- How Come?; by Ole Overgaard

8. "Ashtray" and "Old Woman"- Poems; by Marianne Larsen; Translator Nadia Christensen

9. A Danish Boyhood; by Enok Mortensen; Egon Bodtker, Reviewer

10. Index Nordicus, American-Scandinavian Foundation; Mette Shayne, Reviewer

11. Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups; Editor Stephen Thernstrom; Mette Shayne, Reviewer

12. Vi tredie-klasses udvandrer - Hans Jensens rejse til Amerika 1889; by H.M. Peterson; Marion Marzolf, Reviewer

13. The Way to Hudson Bay; by Thorkild Hansen; Translators James McFarland and John Lynch; Inga Wiehl, Reviewer

Vol. 4, No. 1, 1981

1. Deepest Roots- Finest Fruits; by Johannes Knudsen

2. Danish Settlement in Fresno County, California; An Example of Acculturation to a Foreign Environment; by Marianne T. Stecher

3. My brother is born, by Holger Nielsen; Translator Harald Jensen

4. Danish Immigrant Materials: The Archives at Grand View College; by Thorvald Hansen

5. Scandinavian American Archives; by John R. Christianson

6. Four Poems on Death; by Nis Petersen; Translator Otto Sorense

7. The Danish Colonization Society of 1879; by Frederick Hale

8. Reminiscences from a long life; by Ane Helena Paulsen; Translator Agnes Nelson

9. The Partridge, Story; by Martin A. Hansen; Translator Inga Wiehl

10. The Formation of The Lutheran Church in America; by Johannes V. Knudsen; Ejnar Farstrup, Reviewer

Vol. 3, No. 2, 1980

1. Notes on the early Mormon mission in Denmark; by Donald Watkins

2. Bleeding feet, humble hearts, Danish Mormon Migration, 1850-1860; by Jens P. Wilde

3. Editorial Introduction; by Gerald Rasmussen

4. Sketches from our Family Life in the early 90's; by Dagmar K. Thomsen

5. Immigrating to America; by Andrew Christensen

6. Thirty Years of Emigrating; by Lis Jørgensen

7. The Educational Philosophy of N.F.S. Grundtvig, A Century of Influence,: A Case Study of a Lutheran Congregation, Omaha, Nebraska; by Ruth Thorup Herman

8. The Acculturation of the Danish Immigrant; by Enok Mortensen

9. Jonas Bronck: Most famous among the first Danes in New York; by Ebba Tang Frandsen

10. The Danish Texans; by John L. Davis; Peter L. Petersen, Reviewer

Vol. 3, No. 1, 1980

1. Georg Strandvold: a Progress in Journalism; by Olga S. Opfell

2. Hands across the sea; Soren Qvist in Danish and American Literature, 1625-1947; by Otto Sorensen

3. The Remigrants; by E.F. & Gerda Sundberg

4. Principles & Polemics, A Chapter in the History of Grand View College; by Thorvald Hansen

5. The world of Robert Storm Petersen; by Allen E. Hye

6. Dansk Folkeblad; by Nancy Ruth Bartlett

7. The Feilberg Letters, A Danish family's reflections on Canadian Prairie Life (II); by Jorgen Dahlie

Vol. 2, No. 2, 1979

1. Johannes V. Jensen's Discovery of America; by Inga Wiehl

2. Danes Worldwide Archives contains treasures of Immigrant Life; by Marion Marzolf

3. Questioning our Danish Heritage: The Evolution of an Ethnic Identity; by Otto N. Larsen

4. The Fixed Frame and the Live Show; by Johannes Knudsen

5. Homage to Hans Christian & Simple Psychoanalysis, Poems; by Henrik Norbrandt; Translator Nadia Christensen

6. One of Many; by Dagmar P. Petersen

7. The Feilberg Letters, A Danish family's Reflections on Canadian Prairie Life (I); by Jorgen Dahlie

8. The Wayfarer; by Enok Mortensen; Translator Nanna Mortensen

Vol. 2, No. 1, 1979

1. Carl Hansen, Prairie Iconoclast; by Donald Watkins

2. A Comparative Study of Sophus Keith Winther & Carl Hansen; by Rudolf Jensen

3. Danish American Political Behavior; The Case of Iowa, 1887-1936; by Stephen H. Rye

4. Thoughts at Sunrise; by Olaf R. Juhl

5. P.S. Vig & Americanization in WWI; by Peter L. Petersen

6. Schools for Life; by Enok Mortensen; Harold Petersen, Reviewer

7. Heinrich Tonnies; by Alexander Alland; Egon Bodtker, Reviewer

Vol. 1, No. 1, 1978

1. Looking back and looking forward; by Enok Mortensen

2. Heritage; by Johannes Knudsen

3. The limits of ethnicity; by Irving Howe

4. Some thoughts on Acculturation; by Otto Hoiberg

5. Do your homework; by Thorvald Hansen

6. Ribbons of Memories; by E.F. & Gerda Sundberg

7. Elfrida Petersen Collection; by Clinton M. Hyde

8. Oscar W. Lund (1862-1953), A Memoir; by Harald Hans Lund

9. Danes Came to Central Wharton Co. in1894, Bringing Church, Language, Culture; by John L. Davis

10. The Danes in Winther's Trilogy; by Norman Bansen

11. Dark Nights & Long Days, Myths of the North; by Erik S. Hansen

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