A central part of the Danish American Heritage Society mission is organizing scholarly conferences that showcase the many ways in which Danish and American culture have shaped each other.

​Beginning in Omaha in 2002, the DAHS sponsored four past conferences. Conference themes covered aspects of Danish American and Danish heritage and history. These conferences are listed below.

Danish – North American Relations since World War II (Omaha, Nebraska, 2002)

Conference proceedings appear in The Bridge, Volume 27, Numbers 1 & 2, 2004.

Danish Culture, Past and Present – the Last Two Hundred Years (Des Moines, Iowa, 2005)

Conference proceedings appear in The Bridge, Volume 29, Number 2, 2006.

Innovation – The Danish Way (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2009)

Conference proceedings were not published.

Innovation – The Danish Way Revisited (Des Moines, Iowa, 2013)

Selected conference proceedings were published in a special issue of The Bridge, Volume 37, Number 2, 2014.

Danish American Fusion: A Blending of Cultures (Schaumburg, Illinois, 2017)

Conference proceedings to be published in upcoming issues of The Bridge.

Traditions & Transitions: Ways of Being Danish (Virtual Conference, 2021)

Replays were made available to members through December 2021.

Luncheon during DAHS conference

courtesy of Lynette Rasmussen

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