The DAHS Board of Directors consists of 12 members with two members each representing Grand View University, the Museum of Danish America, and the Danish American Archive and Library.

​There is one current at-large vacancy. Members and their positions within the organization are:

John Mark Nielsen, President (Danish American Archive and Library)

David Hendee, Vice President & Newsletter Editor (Museum of Danish America)

Sheri Muller, Secretary (Grand View University)

Tova Brandt, Treasurer (Museum of Danish America)

Sune Frederiksen (at large)

Lise Kildegaard (at large)

Desiree Ohrbeck (at large)

Matthew Plowman (Grand View University)

Anders Sand (at large)

Nete Schmidt (at large)

Carol Svendsen (Danish American Archive and Library)

Next Board Meeting

Fall 2024

Site TBA

*The DAHS board meets twice yearly.

Voergaard near Dronninglund

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If you are interested in learning more about serving on the DAHS board, please Contact Us.

The Board History page lists previous DAHS board members and presidents.

While conducting DAHS affairs, the DAHS board is governed by the DAHS Constitution and the DAHS By-Laws.

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