For much of its existence the Danish American Heritage Society (DAHS) has provided three major services to its constituency.

The Bridge

Since 1978 the DAHS has published a historical journal, The Bridge, which contains scholarly and popular articles, essays, translations, stories and book reviews.

Danish American Interest Conferences

The DAHS has sponsored Conferences having themes that support the goals of the organization. The last conference “Ecologies and Ethnicity” was held June 22-24, 2023. The DAHS anticipates is planning its next conference for 2027 when the society will celebrate its 50th

DAHS Book Award

An award for an outstanding non-fiction, scholarly book on a Danish or Danish-American topic.

Bodtker Grants

Twice a year, the DAHS awards Bodtker grants of up to $5000 to students and researchers working on projects related to Danish and Danish American topics.

DAHS Bulletin

As a means of communication with out members who lack internet access, in 2015, we also began mailing out the DAHS Bulletin as a compliment to our website.

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