The Danish American Heritage Society (DAHS) was founded in 1977 to explore and record the history and heritage of the Danish presence in North America.


The DAHS founders chose to use the word "heritage" rather than "history" in the organization’s name to include broader activities such as sponsoring conferences and cooperating with other organizations on joint projects. The DAHS believes that there is an intrinsic value in identifying, understanding, and preserving our Danish heritage. We devote our energies to achieving that goal.

The DAHS and its sister organizations, Danish American Archives and Library, Grand View University, and the Museum of Danish America, work together to preserve the history and culture of the Danish-American experience.

Portrait of a Young Girl (Paul Gustav Fischer, 1904)

courtesy of the-athenauem.org

History of DAHS

The Danish American Heritage Society is deliberately a “Heritage” society rather than a “Historical” society, in an aim to encompass not only what Danish Americans were, but what they have become and what they hope to be.

Board of Directors

The DAHS Board of Directors consists of 12 members with two members each representing Grand View University, the Museum of Danish America, and the Danish American Archive and Library.


The Bridge is a semi-annual journal that was first published in May 1978. Articles and book reviews reach a broad spectrum of Danish American topics and issues.

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