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The Bridge: Journal of the Danish American Heritage Society appears twice a year and contains articles and book reviews dealing with all aspects of Danish and Danish-American culture, literature, and history, particularly the Danish experience in North America. Manuscripts can be more scholarly or more popular in style, but all articles should demonstrate critical reflection and responsible scholarly practice.

Past issues of The Bridge have also contained Danish-American memoirs, essays, short stories, collections of letters, and historical documents. Book reviews and review essays in The Bridge deal with Danish life and history and the broader Scandinavian experience in North America as well as the Danish-American experience. The Bridge occasionally reprints previously published material.

Manuscript submissions should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please submit an electronic version of the manuscript as an attachment via email in MS Word or Open Office, with illustrations in a separate file, to Julie K. Allen, Editor of The Bridge, at It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to publish any illustrations included in an article. Please include a brief, 50-100-word author’s biography suitable for the journal’s “Contributors to This Issue” section.

All manuscripts are reviewed by the Editor in consultation with the Associate Editor. However, there is an option to have manuscripts peer-reviewed. Authors who want to have their articles subject to double-blind peer review should indicate this in their cover letter to the Editor. Accepted peer-reviewed articles will be identified as such in the published issue of The Bridge in which they appear.

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